Kusum Dole 

Registered Psychotherapist

Self Discovery

Psychotherapy can provide understanding and inner resources that you need to address confusion, painful feelings, thoughts and entrenched behaviours.

It facilitates new experiences so that you can connect to your authentic self, awaken hope, flow from your potential, and feel fulfillment.

Psychotherapy can help during various aspects life:

Difficult Decisions

► Career & Work

► Creative blocks

► Transitions

► Mid-life crisis

► Post break-up period

We follow the issues and symptoms to find and address the root cause. I work with:

Anxiety & Depression

► Abuse & Trauma (emotional, physical and sexual abuse)

► Anger Issues

► Addictions​

► Difficulty with relationships (home and work)

► Difficulty concentrating

► Eating disorders

► Emotional disturbances

► Feeling stuck, helpless, or powerless

► Low esteem

► Loss & Grief

► PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder)

► Purpose & meaning

► Self-Harm

► Self-Sabotage

Psychotherapy can help you develop your 'inner compass' so you can find your direction from within.

It can also help you address what is  getting in the way of following your desired direction in career, artistic,

personal or other areas of life.

If you are curious about yourself and want to discover what shapes your choices and responses to others, I offer a self awareness focused psychotherapy at SelfAwareness.ca.

Life's Challenges


Midlife Awakenings