Journey to Transformation & Well-Being 

​Working Together

I tailor my approach to your unique character, temperament, issues, and challenges. Check if your therapy goals match up with the services I provide here.

To do this, I use a combination of psychotherapies: psychodynamic, relational, sensorimotor, and EMDR. Mindfulness, trance, parts work, dream work, and story-telling are integrated to facilitate a deeper connection with your unconscious.

We move at a pace that is right for you. We explore what you are struggling with and wondering about; and how your present and future are affected by the past. We'll examine what your experiences mean, how they shaped you and your relationships, and what is getting in the way of transformation.

I offer compassion, emotional responsiveness, reflections, and insights. I aim to create a safe space that is warm and welcoming.

Awareness, understanding, and insights are an important part of therapy but not always enough to create enduring change. My role is to help you 'rewire' your nervous system by offering missing and corrective experiences.

Together, we collaborate to help you harness the innate healing tendencies which every person possesses. The therapeutic relationship between you and I becomes a space where you:

  • Explore issues and facilitate transformation
  • Work through effects of trauma and abuse
  • Resume dormant self-development processes
  • Alter limiting beliefs
  • Develop inner coping resources
  • Develop new patterns of feeling, acting and thinking while still being yourself
  • Connect with your resilience and sense of true self
  • Increase your capacity to relate with others
  • Nurture your natural inclination towards curiosity, reflection, introspection and awareness of ourselves and others

Is this type of psychotherapy for you?

Psychotherapy requires that you prioritize and commit to investing in yourself if you want to maximize its benefits...time, money, and effort.

We are best suited to work together if you:

  • Can commit to weekly therapy sessions
  • Can commit to long term therapy (9 months or more) to promote long-term change
  • Want to work collaboratively to develop inner resources and transformations
  • Are willing to look inwards to understand what you are experiencing
  • Are willing to work through the inevitable ups and downs of the therapeutic process​
  • Are willing to explore the therapist-client interpersonal dynamics that occur in session to better understand yourself

What to expect

We start with a consultation (30 minutes, no charge) or initial session (50 minutes, paid) to see if we are a 'fit'.  If we decide to work together, we'll schedule a regular appointment for the same time each week. The length of the therapy depends on what you are dealing with and your therapy goals. Everyone's therapy is different. There is no right or wrong way to do therapy.

Throughout therapy, you'll have feelings about it--happy to be there, some reluctance or mixed feelings. Some sessions will be hard, some will be uplifting, and others fulfilling. There will be times you might feel stuck and times you notice change.

Our work and relationship becomes a place where you can discover and develop your inner will and strength; find inner calm and harmony; and experience yourself, relationships, and life differently.